A flexible feature-rich HTML5 & Vanilla JavaScript audio player by Voerro


  • Made with pure HTML5, Vanilla JavaScript, CSS3 (no jQuery required!)
  • Flexible, responsive, multipurpose
  • Use one of the pre-built skins or create your own
  • Create your own or edit existing skins with simple HTML, CSS and optional JS
  • Works with files and audio streams
  • Reads ID3 from MP3 files
  • Provide your own or custom meta tags for tracks
  • Multiple playlists in one player
  • Multiple player instances on the same page
  • Control player instances with JS via API and events

Responsive Demo

To see the responsiveness in action resize your browser window (when on a PC) or rotate your device

Loading player...

Fixed-Size Demo

Loading player...
Loading player...
Loading player...
Loading player...
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Full-Featured Demo

This is a dummy skin without styling that demonstrates all the player features in one place.

Loading player...


Besides all the fancy skins, there are simple inline skins which you can integrate seemlesly into text. Check them out!

Did you know that "thank you" in Finnish is kiitos, and in German - danke?

Ne Obliviscaris - Painters of the Tempest (Part II) Triptych Lux is a killer song from an Australian extreme progressive metal band. Another good song is Epica - Kingdom Of Heaven (A New Age Dawns - Part V) from a symphonic metal band from Netherlands.