Now that our package is done let's put it out there. First, make a public GitHub repository and push your package there. Add a file and describe the installation and configuration process of your package there (this is not required, but highly recommended). Then go to the releases tab on GitHub inside your repository and make a new release. A release is considered a stable version (remember we set minimum-stability to stable for our package?).

Composer projects are distributed via Go to the website and create an account. After that go to the Submit section and paste the GitHub URL to your repository. Press Check and follow the instruction.

There is no review whatsoever so your package will be live right away. You can install it like any other package, in our case by executing composer require voerro/simple-package. The only thing you would want to do is to set up autoupdating. With this whenever you make a new release of the GitHub repository the package at packagist will be updated as well.

Go to your GitHub repository into Settings -> Integration & services, press Add service and choose Packagist from the list. Fill out your Packagist Username and Token, leave the Domain field empty. You can find your API token on your Packagist's profile page.

Congratulations! Your new awesome package is out and ready for download.